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Lactation Consultant and Breastfeeding Support

Covid19 Pandemic


**March 18, 2020

In person home consultations are suspended at this time due to the covid19 pandemic.  I would like to offer home consultations via (a secure video platform) in order to best protect everyone involved.

  Please see my blog page for more details.

My goal is to help empower women by educating them so they are ready to meet their goals of breastfeeding following the birth of their baby as well as support them when baby arrives.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This prenatal breastfeeding class in Terrace area can be a one on one session or a group class (with a couple of your friends) all  in the privacy of your own home. Larger groups can also be held in a hall type setting here in Terrace, BC.  In this two hour class, I hope to get you excited to breastfeed your baby and set you up to be ready for the early days after delivery.  This prenatal breastfeeding class entails what to expect at delivery, the first few days after birth, with emphasis on how to initiate successful breastfeeding and establish a full milk supply.

Private class for you (partners are very welcome to join).  $145 incl. tax.

Group class for up to 4 expectant moms (partners are welcome to join).  $185 incl. tax.

Upcoming classes in the Terrace area see "Blog and Upcoming Classes" at top of webpage.

**Discounts applied to home consults for those moms who attended my prenatal breastfeeding class.**

Home Consultation

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

No need to try and make it to an appointment with a hungry baby, I will come to you.

Typically a consult is approximately 1.5-2hrs.  I will do a history and physical assessment of mother and baby as well as watch a feed.  Then we can come up with the best plan to achieve your breastfeeding goals.

A consult can also include addressing any pumping issues.

$200 incl. tax

** Discount will be applied to home consult for those moms who attended my prenatal breastfeeding class. Please contact me for details.**

Video consult due to COVID19 pandemic 

This is a new service, consult will occur via secure video ( Ideally a support person or your partner will attend the consult as well in order to help be my  hands :) 

Gift Certificate

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Gift Certificate

What a great gift.  Get a friend the gift of a prenatal breastfeeding class or a home consult.

Gift Certificate Combo

The perfect gift:  a private prenatal breastfeeding class (in your home) and a home consult once baby arrives to make sure you're on the right track.  Smokin' deal.

 $275 incl. tax

**Also available is gift certificates for prenatal breastfeeding class or home consult.

**Discounts will be applied to home consults for those moms who take my prenatal breastfeeding class.  Please contact me for details.

Lisette Calkins


IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant), RRT (registered respiratory therapist)

I have been working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, in Edmonton, AB as a respiratory therapist since 2000 in the NICU, and attending high risk deliveries since 2003.  I did my clinical training to become a lactation consultant in this NICU.   My chief mentor being Alice French (an RN of 40 years and lactation consultant of over 20 years). 


Why I became a lactation consultant

I quickly realized how breastfeeding has become a lost art when I gave birth to my 36 week old baby and knew nothing about breastfeeding as it had not been covered in my prenatal classes yet.  I had been surrounded by breastfeeding and pumping mothers in NICU for over 12 years and had no clue what to do.  Luck had it that my good friend and coworker/lactation consultant was able to support me.  She enabled me to realize the dream of getting my baby to the breast.  I am forever greatful for her help and support.  What an amazing feeling, to be empowered to feed your baby how you were meant to and create such an intense bond with your baby.

Mother of two girls

I am the proud mother of two beautiful girls who I was able to successfully exclusively breastfeed.  I know the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding as well as the joys and empowerment it brings to you as a mother.

Frequently Asked Questions


How far along should I be to attend a prenatal breastfeeding class?

I suggest that you are close to 30 weeks, but this is only for retention purposes.  Feel free to attend the class at any point in your pregnancy.  If you attend prior to 30 weeks gestation then I would recommend reviewing the material closer to your due date.

Please contact me by sending me a message below if you would like to be on the email list for upcoming classes.

What should I bring to a class?

I highly recommend bringing your partner or support person.  Studies show that if you have peer (friends, family, partner) support as well as professional support (doctors, nurses, midwives etc), you are more likely to successfully breastfeed.

I also recommend bringing a doll or stuffed animal to practice positioning.  Pens are nice to have too in case you have some notes to add to the supplied handouts.

How long is the prenatal breastfeeding class?

The prenatal breastfeeding class is 2 hours long.  I teach for 1 1/2 hours and leave the last 30 minutes for questions or to discuss topics that the class requests.

Please come to class with questions.

Should I bring my partner or support person to the prenatal breastfeeding class?

Yes, definitively!  I highly recommend that your partner or support person attend the class with you.  Studies show that if you have peer support as well as professional support that you are more likely to successfully breastfeed.

How long is a home consult?

An initial home consult is approximately 1.5-2 hours long.  

We arrange my visit to coordinate with baby's next feed.   If baby isn't quite ready to nurse (or if baby is hungry then we work around baby) its no big deal, as we can then go over your history (of your pregnancy) and I will then do a physical exam or your breasts (if there are any concerns) as well as a oral exam of baby.  I then watch a feed and we come up with a plan on how to meet your breastfeeding goals.

No need to take notes.  After the visit I email you our plan. lactation consultant

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Lait Please

Please send any inquiries to me.  Let me know if you would like to be on my email list regarding upcoming prenatal classes.

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